quicksand the 8th mile

With the North Coast’s rich history of motorcycle road racing and Northern Ireland’s motorcycle heritage, Quicksand The 8th Mile was THE place to be for custom, caferacer, street scrambler, bobber, and chopper enthusiasts from all over Ireland and beyond!

Quicksand The 8th Mile welcomed pre-1990 road legal motorcycles, with exceptions for modern classics. We kept it classic with carbureted machines and street tires. Hybrid enduros were considered, but we kept those knobbly tires away!

All these photos were shot using both a Nikon D850 and a Fujifilm XT5, making it quite a challenge to achieve consistent color matching without extensive editing for each photo. It’s worth noting that I definitely prefer the Fujifilm colors over Nikon. I only wish I had a complete set of lenses for the Fujifilm, which would have ensured colour matching across all the shots.