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Hi, I'm Tyler Collins.

I’m a photographer based in Derry, Northern Ireland.

I’ve been a photographer now for 7 years, well actually 9 but the 2 years of Covid don’t count! I’ve been extremely fortunate to travel to some amazing places around the world and to work on some truly epic photography projects. Not only that, but I also started up and now run my own photography tour company which sees me travelling around Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Norway and Italy.

If I had to describe my ideal photography project, it would be anything that incorporates nature and the great outdoors. Think staycations, unique accommodation up a tree or bubble domes in the middle of a forest to an outdoor equipment brand.

I love working on projects where I can also tell a story through a collection of photos, someone who works with their hands such as a woodturner or blacksmith, or the surgeon who’s also a goat farmer, or the traditional boat maker.

If I sound like your cup of tea, then please do get in touch.

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